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Sculpture objects are made up of materials (Gold surface) and ready-made objects that are purely symbolic. The tripod that acts as the base for 2 sculptures is the camera's "stability", a metaphor for the immobility of the photographic image. The "golden" surface makes precious objects, and accords them a merchandise value that contradicts the immaterial side of texts about the history of design, from which they came.

VIS A VIS is a reflection in thought and image, a metaphor for the concept of identity, where the type slips into a masquerade. The inset is a jewel box that contains 2 portraits: one of the female artist disguised as a man disguised as a woman (Rrose Selavy). Rrose Selavy is a character who does not exist.

MOONLIGHT is an inactive projector whose purpose is to act as a screen for a light projection devoid of images. This sculpture assembly is also a metaphor for the language where the "projected projector" is an existential object.

MODEL: the model is a scaled-down representation of the entire exhibition; it defines the space in which the spectator is as an infinitely reproducible space, since it contains another model which in turn contains another model ad infinitum.

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