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Jesslyn Fax Story is an artistic project that was done in collaboration with the artist 
Dov Or-Ner

"The design rule shared by these three works – sedimentation of convertible meanings by semantic-associative link of content worlds, subjects and signs that differ in their historical-cultural status – is already manifested by the exhibition’s enimagtic title : Jesslyn Fax Stories – Part 1. Jesslyn Fax is the name of a French movie star who participated in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Fenetre sur cour in French…”

“… Fax is an abbreviation that stands for the facsimile machine which reproduces signs, transmitting them to real spaces, their signifying workds, their metaphorical derivatives, the imprinting of signs and their distribution-dissemination. Those wishing to fathom this superimposition of meaning sediments must perform of historica-cultural act of deciphering, but must also possess the willingness to move freely terms that blend ans oscillate between different planes of reality and metaphor, elusive associative contexts and work segments that refuse to be fully deciphered.”

Part of “An excerpt from Moshe Zuckermann’s book, On the Fabrication of Israelism, Myth and Ideology in a Society of Conflict (Tel Aviv : Resling, 2001) pp 99-96 (Hebrew)

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