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From the text:
Conversation between Josyane Vanounou and Dov Or-Ner, FROMENDTOBEGINNING

  • Q: If I asked you the question, "How did everything begin?", would you have an answer?

  • A: Yes, because everything started at the end - the death of the "original".

  • Q: But which original are you talking about?

  • A: The one that when disguised becomes an image. I too wanted to become Rrose Selavy.

  • Q: But isn't Rrose Selavy a fake identity?

  • A: Yes, it's a tautology, it's the image of one's own image. Rrose Selavy is someone who only exists in the image, and so I become the image of the image.

  • Q: At the beginning, I asked you, "How did everything begin?" In your video clip you appear to have difficulty saying.

  • How did you go about things?

  • Well, you sat yourself down, all alone, in front of a camera and you started talking and that's how you began?

  • A: Yes, I had the impression that I wasn't being listened to, so I started repeating myself, and each time I started again, I was no longer very certain of what I had just said.

  • Q: So, that was when everything began?


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