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My Art Work is based on a perception linked to concepts such as “not belonging”, “foreignness”, “uncertainty” and “insecurity”. The basic feeling of insecurity is caused partially by an excess of components in reality and too much information, whilst attempting to show the range between the perceptible and visible to conceptual thinking; this process illustrates how tangled up these elements are, to a level where they can no longer be separated. 

Wittgenstein speaks about the existence of a concrete experimental area, which may be outside the boundaries of rational speech, because we can also be silent about it.
But, it is precisely art that might be able to suggest the existence of this area, without describing it directly. 

- - -

Photography is like the sand on the seashore, into which each foot step is imprinted. It is a place where everything stops, allowing a certain image to become unique, permitting the act of memory to take place.

The act of photography is different than other techniques; there is a transparent element in it, which leads to a direction of actuality and experience. Wittgenstein writes: “Things can be reflected on a polished white surface, and in the reflection of the images, they may look as if they are behind the surface, and to a certain extent, shining through the surface itself.”

The photography I use in my work is the kind classified as “not-professional”, in the sense Douglas Huebler refers to: “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting. I don’t mean to add to them, but mealy to be satisfied with a declaration of the presence of the things or places.” 

In his book Thoughts about Photography, Ronald Barthes relates to a photograph that was given to him, in which he was present. His memory betrayed him, and he could not recall the circumstances in which the photograph was taken. Nevertheless, as the photograph existed, he could not deny his presence in that place and time.
“I went to see an exhibition of the photographer as if it were a police investigation, to finally learn what I didn’t know about myself.

STATEMENT – 2015 and on


My work is in perpetual change,

In my recent videos photography is a material and the
center around which the drawing develops. Drawing is
a kind of recycle time in my last works. In turn,
drawing has also transformed into material to
recreate the movement interrupted by photography. The
video reconsider in turn the stopped time which is
represented by the photograph.

I use photography in the manner of a palimpsest where
you have to look behind the text of the original that
has been erased.

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